Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 21, 2018

Walking the path.

Everybody has their own journeys, experiences and life lessons that make them unique. It is impossible for any two individuals to have exactly the same experiences and perceptions of it but that is what makes each independent take on life extremely important.

Being able to put yourself in the position of someone else is a useful task because although no one can truly know what it is like to walk the path of someone else in life, it can be a means of giving a small impression of the marked differences. It can help for someone to think about alternative experiences because it can build on one’s knowledge and empathy. It can give a sense of appreciation or even meaning.

Spirits have stipulated at different times how they look back on the paths they have walked and how their opinions might have differed or evolved. It can be as a result of looking over individual experiences that spirits learn new insights about themselves or others. In understanding about the past one can often better define the future and this has seemed to be a fair assessment for many spirits who speak about what their paths have meant for them.

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