Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 26, 2014

The shared NDE, an experience of multiple individuals who each have the same or similar reported accounts on a NDE is intriguing as it gives a multi perspective to investigate.

NDE is an experience of someone moments before their passing.  It can be the individual account given if the person is brought back to life, or an analysis by them on what was viewed, felt or sensed and is focused within those last few seconds.

Medically termed the individual who has an NDE is someone who has no signs of life at all but is able after their loss of life to state within those seconds what was known to them even after the event of their passing.

Shared NDE focus more and give accounts of the people who are able to state a similar experience to that of the person who has the NDE, there are those who in the last moments will experience visions of loved ones, of events which have happened to them in the past and these can sometimes be the same as those who are within the area as the person who is passing.  Those people when asked will state the exact feelings and visions as other individuals who were there at the time.

Shared NDE will most be reported by people who have a loving relationship to the person who is passing and it is a possible cause as for the explanation of their multi experience.  There have been reports of people passing and in those minutes before all who had been present having the same second shared in either a multi vision or a feeling.

The leaving of a person from their physical self is an experience which might have personal significance for many and it is intriguing so many report having an experience which is the exact type as another who was there by the person who passed.

There are reports of individual studies into experiences felt by someone miles away but at the exact time of someone’s passing, their knowledge of what happened and the means by which they gained that informative account is a basis for analysis by scientists.

When someone is passing there are ties to the internal and external part of the self.  It is the parts which we can not always be aware of which seems to be the fact for multi statement of shared experiences in the seconds before a passing.

The science which terms loss of life is there but the more difficult to classify experiences of individuals who know what others may do or claim the exact similar account as to the person who was with them is intriguing.  The shared moment of an individual in the seconds leading up to their passing whether they are able to come back to life or stay in spirit leaves a perspective which is somewhat a link to both science and spirit.

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