Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 19, 2014

NDE which is the experience of those who come near to or experiences of individuals who pass for a few minutes out of their physical bodies and are medically claimed to have no signs of life are experiences which go on to tie both the fields of spiritual and science.

NDE of which we know focus on the experience of someone who has in a medical term no function of life as we would anticipate and have similarity in the type and means which have been reported as seen, heard or felt.

Many individuals having experienced NDE or a form of it state having a feeling of leaving their bodies and either having a vision of loved ones who have passed or a somewhat singular take on what they term the spirit level of being in that there are references particular to the environment, the people and the way of one’s means of leaving and re entrance to what they considered life as they believed it to be.

Almost every person and individual report of NDE is focused on how it felt to leave their physical behind, who they approached and what the feel of their being was like, they focus on finding passed loved ones who have waited for them and on the lack of any concern but each one is or has a various type of point from where they are asked how they would like to proceed and given the decision to remain or go back to living.

The feeling in each report is focused on as the individual speaks about how without the concern of a physical body they are more able to view their lives with a perspective they did not have and given the time to look at what they are shown, points in their lives, they are made to look at who they were and what they have done in their life.

What is not so every day is the Shared NDE.  The individual experiences are in themselves all different and while there are overlaps individual perspective on what the NDE was like it can only ever be that one point of view.

Have you ever broached the idea of what it would be like for others to sense what you do..

There are reports of the shared moment when someone passes and whilst these are not normally events individuals go through, there are those who have and state that they have been able to sense the same feelings as the person who has gone through the feeling of leaving their body.  These are intriguing shared moments because they validate what the person has been through and give a number of different means by which we can approach this level of scientific report.  The evidence is there to support the theories that there is more to leaving this life than simply extinguishin g all signs of life.

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