Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 20, 2018


Many people have a set or preconceived notion of what spirits speaking to them in a reading is like and more often than not there is fear that has influenced the perception of what this experience can unveil.

Spirits have the same personalities of the people you have known in life.  Rather alike any conversation that you might have had in person with them, the same approach can be felt in a message received by them in a reading.  The medium will be the person who simply passes on the information, links or references from spirit and this can often be in a very comfortable manner.

Questions can be asked, issues can be discussed and it is above all important that validations can be made about who in spirit is speaking and why they have chosen to do so with that particular person.  Fear is not something that ever drives spirits because love is often the motive for many a message.

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