Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 30, 2018

Notions of Spirits.

I think it is important for everything to be judged based on experience.  It is not always helpful to base opinions on a suggested view of it, be this through film, literature or any other second or third party reference to it.  If you would like to have a proper and firm idea of it, then personally, I feel if you experience something of it then you will know for yourself.

In defining spirits, there can be much confusion.  Far from the ghoulish or horrific notions of what some outlets report, many spirits are exactly alike to the people you know, love or have met in life.  Personalities can come through first or there are sometimes references to appearance and what can really make one smile, is how appropriate and relevant a spirit’s approach to someone can be and how beautifully they can make their love personally known to them.

Notions of spirits they can be vast but the one that matters most to me, is how I can interpret and show at least a guide of what is personally experienced.  It can be private and intimate and sometimes a mere feeling of a personal relevance at a time when that exact reference to them and by them is needed or it can be a more full depiction of a life lived that gives an emphasis of a particular person.  However it should be shown to those who matter, notions of spirit, they can be vast but moreover meaningful and that I think is exactly as it should be… nothing else can be as important as that moment of love.

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