Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 16, 2018


Spirits are a subject that causes much deliberation, questioning and disbelief.  Personally I believe that each person can only learn and evaluate based on their own experience of something.  The experiences that become relevant to us, they form our own basis of what we think and what we believe.  Nobody should undermine or attack someone else for what they think but equally being open minded can allow someone to experience something that could entirely alter their view.

For me, seeing spirits and being able to talk about them to people who might well recognise them has been a bit of an eventful experience.  As a child I could get excited about the people who seemed to eagerly talk and help me achieve things but then the scenes that I sometimes could see about what had happened to them did provoke a few fears.  It was not a black or white scenario and one that now as I look back, know that I would not have ever wanted to be any different.

Experience does shape your opinion.  This is true for everybody and being a medium means that one should be as objective as possible in any circumstance so as the most can be learnt from the experience, but emotion does sometimes invade a situation and one can quickly become influenced by someone’s often privately meant words to someone else.  This is because every encounter with spirits is special, it means something to the people involved and it is precious.

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