Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 14, 2018

Bad or good.

People are not usually ever entirely bad or good.  There are decisions, experiences and situations they can influence what a person thinks, believes and how they behave.  It is not always easy to know the right thing to do either and when asked or put on the spot, sometimes people have to act in the way that they feel might be most appropriate at the time.

Spirits have spoken of examples in time when the fear of some action badly thought of has then gone on to inhibit how someone has later behaved.  On many occasions spirits of those individuals that are known in life are keen to express their opinion on what might have happened.  Unlike the fear of what many think of as reprisal, usually spirits will only want what is right for a loved one and they do go out of their way to try to help.  It might be through advice or a message, but still it can be significant in helping people understand that on so many an occasion it is not the first act, mistake or regret that does the damage but in how someone responds to it that a lot can be rectified or at the very least learnt because of it.

Bad or good is sometimes far different in concept than action and what we perceive can influence the outcome of what we do.  Spirits who try to put out love towards those they care about will only ever have their interests at heart and be there, as much as they can, to show how they feel about them.

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