Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 21, 2018

Do or Do Not.

Regrets can be a reason for looking at life through a negative perspective.  People can sometimes decide to take a point that defines later life and this can be a means as for how they think about the choices that they have made.

Many times of regret can alter people’s opinion of what has happened and why it has been experienced.  Complexities and difficulties are not always thought about because a later look at what might have been decided can in itself be a particular view of it.  In messages there have been examples of spirits who have talked about the do or do not times in their lives and how thoughts about those same moments became so important to them, both for the positive and negative attributes that they represented in their decisions.

It seems as if complicated or easy, the decisions that we make can only ever be the best of what we can do at the time.  Spirits in those same messages have reported that what is important for them is that whatever may have been a choice that they made, that they have learnt from it and been able to improve or understand from what has happened.

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