Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 31, 2018


People sometimes do not know what to expect in a message from a spirit loved one.  They can ask if only one person can speak to them, if they have to sit in a certain way or do something specific so as to be able to converse with someone in spirit.

Spirits are the same people as we know in life.  There can, in a message, be several people who would like to talk to someone or simply a singular giver of information.  On each occasion there can be questions directed to a spirit and while the majority of the time may well have a focus on what needs to be spoken about at that particular moment, the basis of any conversation is similar to that of the experience of any conversation had with the individuals in spirit in life.

Questions about what one should do or may need to do can fade when the actual message from a spirit is experienced because spirits are no different to those individuals who in life someone may have known.  A question can lead to emotive, motivational or significant information and ultimately a conversation that is filled with unique support from someone loved or often thought about.

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