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Author: | Posted on: December 13, 2017

Festive Greetings.

Festivities can be joyous, exciting and overwhelming.  There are occasions that can remind us of what we have and maybe what we feel we do not have as much of in life anymore.

Spirits can often give us a lift in life and it is the forethought about the festive period that can suggest why this is important.

It is in those people who may have passed and who still have that caring compassion that we may hear the most inspiring of thoughts put into words.  Love is not something that can be lost, it may alter, falter or re-shape but it is there and can be felt again.  At this time particularly those in spirit do pop in to speak about the significant people to them who they feel are frantically busy or feeling a little lost.

Love at this time can be a means of understanding that it is not what we feel we ought to do or should do that can matter the most but what we recognise in why it has been done that can provide a true inspiration.

Spirits of people at this time have their own preparations to make and often this will be focused on the individuals in life who they would like to evidence their love.

Dear visitors to this site, may I take this time to extend Festive Greetings to you all.  I hope that whatever you do, whoever you are with and wherever you are you can feel the love that is meant for this Festive period.

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