Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 26, 2014

As people we do try to be the same as commonly thought acceptable in looks, what we do, say and how we think we should put certain concerns into practice.

Having experienced events that not everybody else did, I began to think that all too soon if you did not have parents who supported your life without classing or labels there would instead of myself been a much different person in my place.

It is so vital that one is sincere and open to everything because at the least when you talk from the heart you know that whoever it may find it will be your sincere sentiments known.

Sincerity is a main part of what a medium does as for many if what is seen, heard or sensed is not given straight to the person for whom it is meant, their own means for sighting spirit will be reduce d.

Often people will believe easily and all too momentarily their opinion will base on what other people think and what they feel will be how they will be viewed if they think or act a certain way.

As a young person I spoke straight from the heart and just as now it has meant that I have never had to be anything but open about what is personally experienced in my life and that itself is a method which has its own positive effect as so often your sharing will help another.

Parents are the people you know first in your life, the ones who help to give you either the lines which brace you to conformity or unlace you and tell you that no matter how or what you go through it is with their love and support because what it is most vital is that you are not frightened by opinions but are someone who can be the person you need to be.  It was a momentary breath taking second when my parents became aware that the people of whom I talked and the things I pointed to were not something that they or most could be aware of but they did not make me feel odd and accepted that if and when these things were said it was something to not be afraid of or to think of as a problem because the children they knew did not act the same way.  Each person is and should be who they are at heart and by this I mean sincere in the love they have for the thing they do or the beliefs they have.  Mediums can be so varied in not only the links they make to spirit and the means by which they show this to people but can in themselves be from such differed backgrounds.  From personal account of what I know, I have so much thanks to give to my parents, as they did not become either full of fear or anxiety by what I gained from spirit and did not ask for medical diagnostic interventions when these same spiritual instant became a part of my teenage and later years.  By thinking of what I shared with them as exceptional but not a point for picking apart the processes for why but more a part of who I was and as time went by so too did our understandings of being a medium.

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