Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 4, 2017

Each person is individual and everyone has abilities, attributes and aspects that can be unique to them.  There can in life be times that seem to put pressure on one to feel as if they should conform to convention when in fact there is much to rejoice at in having a uniquely and defined, own, personality.

Many spirits, in noted references of them speaking, have talked of appreciating their own individuality.  Recognising what is good in a person can be a real inspiration not only for them but for others around them.

In this poem, the meaning is quite apt, it is a spiritual subject and something that can influence anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed or unsure about who they are.

Uniquely you.

By Michelle Lloyd.

People can come into a life and stay a while, they can bring with them tears and smiles.

Understanding can bring about empathy and sometimes a love that is rare to find,

this compassion brings with it a sense of safety in spirit and a peace of mind.

In these individual times though they might be in life only unique and few,

there is a treasure received, it defines and can alter or build on what you already knew.

Happy, sad, in fear or flight, use your might to appreciate the uniqueness in you.

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