Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 5, 2017

A Reading?

There can be questions and sometimes confusion about what readings from spirits are.  Unlike anything mystical or prediction based, a reading from a spirit or spirits is focused on evidence and validated information about a person or people known from lives.

Often a sitter, the recipient of a message or information, will be approached by loved ones, friends and acquaintances from their life.  The people could be historic or recently known of but in each instance they have to be able to define who they are to the sitter and to be in a position to give validated or acknowledgeable references of a life lived.

Questions can be asked but spirits will in a reading input with their own referrals to memories, events or personal indications for loved ones.  The readings can sometimes confront issues that maybe in life have been difficult but usually the times approached by a spirit will be positive and there will be a purpose for bringing up emotional or hard to talk of subjects.  A reading can be useful to both spirits and recipients of messages because they can allow people to be reassured of each other again.

Above all, any reading should be able to give definable and validated evidence of someone in spirit to a recipient.  The person should be able to be happy about what the reading has been about or how they could validate what has been a part of the messages given to them.

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