Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 28, 2017

Blog Based Encounters.

For those who read the weekly updated blog on this website, you will know that often there are references to specific individual spirits.  In these examples there can be an amalgamation of spoken image, direct speech to members, coinciding unexplained activity and conversed thoughts on subjects particular to a life or lives lived.

These examples can be poignant and insightful because what has been referred to in terms of thought can alter views.  In several examples of this kind of spirit given speech members have found what has transpired useful and interpretations have become more in-depth.

Apart from the encounters with individual spirits being of interest to the séance because of what can be noted historically, it is important to refer to how members have interpreted what they have been able to achieve from their individual talks of feelings and decisions and how this has given an appreciable ability to recognise different parts of what a life may have entailed.

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