Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 24, 2017


You may have heard of the term healing used in conjunction with a spiritual reference.  Healing is often a non-intrusive way of offering spiritual influence.  This aid which is physical but not through touch can reduce symptom or illness to the point of full cure.

Healing can be used via a medium who channels a spirit (often an expert in a particular medical field).  The medium will frequently have no layman knowledge or experience in the medical domain and yet when spirit offers healing it is with a method pertaining to an experienced individual (or in the case of a number) of experts in a field.

The healing is given by one person who can put their hands on or more commonly over and focus on an effected area; thereby whilst this takes place, infused knowledge can also be given by spirit in word form and outline medical terminology for the ailment and how it should best be treated.  The healing is often done via energy and a combination of spirit and vibration.

Healing should only be given by a recommended or recognised healer.  Often it is through healing that a certain relief can be received from illness or stress.  As a remedy healing can be beneficial because it can positively enhance recovery and often through non-medicinal means.

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