Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 22, 2017


The subject of mediums has over time had many different reputations according to when and where it has been discussed.  It can be difficult to have a true impression of what a medium experiences without having an influence of what may be an external subjective light.

Many examples of spirit messages, spirit activity and healing can be seen by those people who experience it and are not seen by public audiences.  It is in these times that the most beautiful and often intriguing evidence can be noted.

It is not for a public appeal that spirit will give a message or evidence of survival.  It is in many examples because of an important cause that a spirit will endeavour to touch the life of a loved one.  Spirits of those who loved do love from spirit and there is no pretence or need for exhibition, in many messages it is a pull to evidence positive information that will mean people will know that love can be there when it is needed the most.

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