Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 29, 2014

Spirit, or the thought of it is something that can cause many contrary beliefs or views.  In reality as a medium one only sees what is necessary so that a message can be passed from someone to a loved one.

We are in a position as a mediator to be as emotionally linked, as new to experience or as taken aback by what spirit show because each experience is different.

Spiritual loved ones are the same as those who you knew on this side and their way of giving their individual impression on something will be as you remembered it only sometimes as it has shown from spirit it may be more tempered.

In levelling out and being who one is without any need to be held back by anything, one can gain a more full view on what is happening to someone.

Having a little knowledge of their memories, of the present and some of what is going to be revealed their advice is the one that helps us when we need it and not always by the means which we think it will.

Giving a reading or even sighting spirit is not exceptional but accepting that the life we have continues only in a varied format to the one we knew.  Our energy is still what we had before if not increased and the interests we had will remain.

As a little girl I could pick out the particulars of individuals who were no longer on this side but as far as I was concerned were apparent with all their features and expression.

Many times came where I could and would point to spots where spirit were and in doing so I would tell my Mum or people who were around me about who the person was and what they wanted and in becoming more used to sensing or being aware of others who visit with those this side I also found the locations of older buildings or emotions of someone can also be significant as a reason for spirit to want to come through and sometimes give aid, speak with somebody they had a tie to or to offer support to them.

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