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Author: | Posted on: February 8, 2017

Unexplained activity.

Often if you read, hear or research about spiritual séance based investigations then you may hear the phrase unexplained activity.  This is a term that can be used to refer to many different occurrences that when explored have no known explanation as for how they could have been noted.

Amongst these terms you may notice the specific terminology of Orbs.  Orbs are unexplained balls or shapes of light that can be seen often in photographs, locations and in videos.

Noises can sometimes be referenced as evidence if something unexplained is heard or noted by individuals.  Noises produced by spirit as in evidence can include voices, whispers, knocks or footsteps in or close to the area where a séance can be held.

Objects can be put out in a séance if they are thought to be ones that can be used to produce noises or if they are appealing to spirits.  Any noises that are heard, if directly from the objects themselves or if from near to them, may be noted and if there is no logical explanation as for how they have been heard then these could be referred to as unexplained activity.

Unexplained activity is an important part of any séance or investigation because it is this kind of evidence, if validated, that can be the basis as for a summary on what is definitive proof of spirit.

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