Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 25, 2017

Spirits’ recognition.

Often people will think about and ask if someone who has passed can recognise events, locations and the people they had known in life.

This response is based on experience of readings both one to one and in public demonstrations of spirit linking with loved ones and acquaintances.  Spirits generally do have a heightened sense of emotional ties to people and the messages that can pass between individuals are occasions in themselves where memories can be significant for both sides of life.

Loving reminders of how someone felt about someone in life can be shown from spirit and this can take the form of evidence.  If someone had a symbolic reference for an individual then there have been reports of those same memorable symbols being seen again at an important time.

A spirits ability to recognise those loved by them and those who give them love is a basis for multiple messages and often it is those tiny references known to them and not thought of as that important by anyone else that can evidence how they feel for them.

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