Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 11, 2017

Spirits can be thought of by many as difficult to recognise, featureless or beings of which people should be wary.  In reality spirits of those who often would like to give a message to a loved one are near matches to those individuals known of in life.  Appearance can be used as a means of evidence for recognition and phrases or much loved terms can be proof of spirit linking.  Far from full of fear, messages from spirits, are often full of love.

Concepts of spirits can be different according to how people think about the idea of passing.  Spirits themselves sometimes refer to an expanding knowledge and to aid people in recognising them will put effort into evidencing a feature known about them, like a hair cut, preferred shade in colour or clothing.

Evidence is a means of approaching information that can be validated by people in a way that has significance for them.  Spirits will often put effort and love into what they refer to and the message itself can be a useful way of linking loved ones.

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