Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 30, 2016

Spirit progression.

Often people will have different ideas about what can happen to someone after a passing. It can be difficult to think of our loved ones as the people they once were after they have passed but in many messages spirits do refer to personality traits they had in life.  This suggests that spirits can have similar outlooks to when they were this side of life and as many reference there is also the possibility to enhance on views.

Spirits are the people known of in life and after a passing there often is a reference from individuals about how they have had an occasion to think about and analyse the experiences that they have had.  This can mean that some people can talk about certain events in a reading with a different emotional response to it.

Progression in spirit seems to be important.  Many people who have passed and give a message do refer to their thoughts and actions in life, how they think about them now and what, if anything, has altered for them.

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