Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 26, 2016

Spirits of the people we know in life are often not different in their likes, dislikes and interests to that of when friends, acquaintances and families knew them.  If there are areas where reflection is needed then spirits will generally mention this and this can include how perspectives about ideas in life are thought about.  Spirits may refer to their hobbies because they can form as important evidence and validations for loved ones.

Spirits can learn, improve on and expand their knowledge.  Many individuals in spirit do refer to their ability to continue with favoured hobbies or even improve on what they maybe did not do as well in a lifetime.

It is not always the actual interest that is the basis for a message but what has been learnt from it or about why it has made the person into who they are that can be of most benefit.  Spirits often like to evidence their passions and in doing so there is a journey in itself that can often prove to exhibit what is important to each person.

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