Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 21, 2016

Children in spirit.

Any person who passes to spirit will have to go through a transition.  This time is significant and is felt greatly by those on either side of life.  Children who have passed often refer to those individuals who have watched over them and aided them through this time.  Individuals can differ but often it is relatives, loved ones, grandparents, parents and entrusted links who will be there to await younger people who pass to spirit.

Far from bleak for those spirits, it is a transition that can give recuperation to those who need it and children who have passed have reported about how much loving affection is given to them in spirit.  Often there can be unique circumstances and children will be surrounded by the environment that makes their spiritual home all they would like for it to be.

In one message a male who had passed at an early age linked to his parent a symbolic image of where he was in spirit that matched with a loved pastime of his from life.  It was a message that not only gave hope to his parent but was passed on to his other parent and provided reassurance directly from him to them.

Children are not any less loving about who is important to them in spirit.  There is comfort, reflection about their life in the most meaningful of ways and there are links to those loved ones who are in their hearts.

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