Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 24, 2016

Spirit guides.

What are guides?  You may hear people refer to the term guide.  A guide is someone who is, as the word suggests able to give direction, enlightenment and understanding when it is needed.

Mediums work with guides because sometimes clarity is required in a given situation.  Often mediums will start to experience spiritual events from an early age and when one has a guide many instances are made easier by that individual.  Guides when referred to by a medium are spirits who have decided to give their time to aiding someone.  Guides are people who are able to aid both spirits and individuals this side and it is often with their important direction that a medium can depict the needed references in a message.

Spirit guides are important because they can understand almost any situation and interpret how they can be of most use.  It is with their input that a medium can resolve many otherwise problematic misunderstandings between spirits and people or loved ones and it is with their ability that sometimes important life events can be understood.

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