Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 17, 2016


Often in life people will define what they think by what they see, hear and sense.  There is a lot of interpretation in interaction.  It is important to understand the meaning behind any action because a slight different judgement about one gesture could lead to a completely altered viewpoint of the whole.

Many spiritual links are given by visual, audio and sensory means.  An individual who has passed may indicate a part of their message for someone through an action that they portray.  This is an action that has to be interpreted by the medium.  That is why it is imperative that a medium is clear about what they are shown in terms of a reference.  Questions should be directed by the interpreter i.e. the medium to the individual who is giving the link and only when they are certain should this be passed on to the recipient of a message.

In a one to one reading there is generally more time to verify from medium to spirit and to ensure that what is being given as evidence is as accurate as possible.  In a public demonstration of mediumship sometimes there can be a spirit who gives a reference to a particular image, this link may be one that several people can accept, it is in this arena that a medium can then often verify who the message is intended for by specifically passing information on that can and should only mean something to the right recipient for whom it is meant.

Emotions do influence messages from spirits.  Just as in life when someone becomes emotional about a topic spirits will often find that showing an interpretation of images or reference for those meaningful links may be difficult too.  It can be that in these instances the evidence that comes through is poignant and can alter one’s understanding about life because often it is in these examples that loving thoughts win out and the message that finds its way to the recipient does exactly what the spirit needs it to.

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