Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 6, 2016

A life lived before…

Many people will have at some time thought about, heard, known of or even experienced something referred to as a miraculous event.  Miraculous in itself can be a term that encapsulates so much.  A life saved, an incident transformed, there have been many spoken of and documented case studies about them and be them small or large, one has to admit that many of these articles do seem to be intriguing.

By their nature many of the references to a miraculous incident or event can be inexplicable by logical means.  There are some instances where people are at the heart of what appears to be an example of a past life link.  People talk of knowing about something, instinctively having an ability to do or perform in a way that they had never knowingly learnt to do and many of these particular cases are supposedly linked to someone being able to have access to information from a life lived before.  There are those who suggest that these past life experiences are brought to someone’s consciousness and claim them to be an influence of reincarnation.

Not everyone accepts this explanation and many have put forward other theories for how it is that an individual may walk into a locality and start to talk in a different language to that they have used or learnt before, for how someone may be able to know about someone else’s life without having ever spoken of or found out anything about them.  There have been several intriguing cases that have involved children.  One where a small child started to talk about a family she had before.  She referred to her children, to information about them living in a different country and she talked of a husband she had lived a life alongside.  At first, as with many of these incidents, the parents did not know what to do and thought that after a while she would desist from her pleas about these people they knew nothing about.  When the insistent pleas continued, the parents started to give in and decided that they had to do a bit of research into why their child was so upset.  Their investigation took them to that other country their child spoke of and to the exact location of the house she stipulated.  It was there that they made the most shocking of their discoveries as they met a gentleman with children who had lost their wife and mother respectively a few years ago.  The information that their child had given had all been validated, everything about the house she knew and as she walked into the home she began to unite with the children she knew so very much about.

The above case is of interest because it has been used as a possible example of what could be a life lived before.  Be it a possible past life experience, potential miraculous event, it is an example of something that has not been defined by logical explanation.  It is a reference to a study on something that has been much talked about and investigated.  Be your theory as for how these cases can be explained one that can defy logic or not, one has to admit that these interesting incidents have been at the heart of much intrigue.

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