Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 29, 2016


As we approach the memorial day for such a massive loss of life on the first day of a new month it is important to note how appreciation and acknowledgement can both prove to be vital reminders of what our history has signified.

Spirits of those who have links to such a monumental incident will have memories that involve both the heart and mind.  It is with a lot of sadness that such a day is thought about but there should also be a renewed positivity for our resolve to secure and enhance the land that was battled over.  At a time when there is uncertainty over what stance should be taken by a nation, unity is important and it is poignant that on such an anniversary once again a different kind of difficult conflict of a country is having to occur.

Often a recognition of such a large scale event will allow us to think about what our past history means.  Memories about those who lost a life on a significant day can be links to important reminders about how precious life is and how vital it is for us to hold dear what we have.  Past mistakes should not be lived out again.  Surely such an anniversary should act as a means for positivity and an approach to not let the multiple lives of those lost be neglected.  Conflicts should not be a means for achievement.

May this anniversary be a remembrance of the importance of life.  May it signify peace over conflict.  May it be a day to provide hope.

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