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Author: | Posted on: May 25, 2016

Sixth Sense.

Have you ever wondered about that inner knowledge you have about the telephone ringing before it actually does?  Do you sometimes experience something in a dream and then live it out in real life?  These are all indications of events that can leave us thinking about why we have a sense of something before it happens.

There have been many investigations that have looked at how we use our senses in life.  Many find the subject of interest because it can indicate that people are capable of much more awareness in their sensory ability than they know.

Compassion can often be an important explanation for why someone knows how a friend is feeling in a different physical area to where they are and without them saying a word about it.  While it can not be scientifically proven, many people report that it is their compassion for someone that has led them to call them or go to see them at that exact needed point in their life.  Validated experiences of this type of event can mean that someone who has a need for someone to act can see their need answered and with no explanation as for why, other that that of someone’s sense that they had to do something.  That compulsion to do something can be an important two way experience for people at a time when someone needs it and often it is explained that this sudden response action has been brought on because of an unexplained sense that they had to do it.

A sixth sense is basically a term used to explain an instinct or intuition that we may have about a prediction that comes true.  This kind of psi activity can be classed as a parapsychological experience.  Many tests have been done to find out what, if any, evidence there may be to support the claim that people could know of events before they occurred or to have an understanding of something that is not explained by conventional theoretical means.  There has been a lot of investigation into how identical twins can demonstrate the ability to know things about each other on a level that should be impossible and the sorts of studies that were carried out came to be known as Distant Mental Intention on Living Systems (DMILS).

A sixth sense is an interesting and somewhat complex idea.  Historically there have been many incidents that have caused intrigue and the many possible theories as for why experiences have been noted is why investigations were carried out into this field of study.  There have multiple reports of this kind of psi activity, incidents which leaves one an important question to ask, do you have a sixth sense?

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