Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 18, 2016


In life there is so often an occasion when one has to rely on the expression, the facial emotion and the outward gesture of someone to tell what they are thinking on the inside.  Multiple experiences can mean that sometimes someone had to put on a brave face, look happy and indicate a different set of emotions on the outside to that of how they may be on the inside.  This maybe for personal reason, to inspire confidence in other people and sometimes it may be a coping technique but for whatever the cause this is why there may be times when a sentiment is lost in translation.

In spirit there are often messages that support the fact individuals have time for reflection.  This time is a positive means for understanding oneself, life experiences and important incidents that have occurred.  Many spirits refer to being able to reflect on what has happened and how this has given them a different sense of why they felt the way they did.  While in life many occasions may leave someone with a different representation of how they feel about what someone has done or about a situation on the outside to that of how it maybe on the inside for them, in spirit this is never a problem.  Spirits do not rely on facial appearance and expressive gesture to give an indication of what they would like to say.  A reflection from spirits about what they think is the same on the inside to the outside.  Spirits will not rely on appearance, often a message will be a combination of visual and sense links.  The sense that a spirit can put across will be that of sincere sentiment and can often be validated because they will support the visual image links for someone in a message.

There are so many instances in life when a reflection of someone may have to appear differently as to how they have an experience of it on the inside.  Spirits reflect what they are inside and out, this is often an advantage in a reading because one can access what is put over directly and quickly.  A reflection that a spirit will put across is unencumbered by any other intention than to say something to someone significant.  It is a sincere reflection of who someone is.

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