Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 16, 2016

Visual Spirit.

When someone passes from life it can leave the people left behind with a sad sense of loss.  Grief can mean many different experiences are felt and sometimes it is those moments of unanswered questions about a loved one that can seem far too hard to bear.

One of the most interesting parts of investigating spirit experience is in that of how a spirit can validate who they are for a loved one.  It is in their ability to give a sense of who they were to someone that they can then prove how they are and if they can acknowledge who was important to them.

It is often the visual side of seeing someone that is missed when someone passes.  The being able to look at someone for so many different things, the looks of friendship, love, humour, the moments of unity or just the reassurance that someone can have in being able to see an important someone.  Some individual experiences do rely on what is seen by someone.  There have been reports of people actually seeing someone who has passed and photograph evidence of spirits with a visible appearance.  In these instances people will have a visual reference of someone in spirit.  There are other forms of spirit evidence and that can be in the claimed sighting of unexplained visual phenomena.  Orbs are one type of expression of what it thought to be spirit manifestation or energy.  Partial evidence or full materialisation of spirits can be seen in investigations where in a séance individuals may be able to appear with recognisable links to people who have been known in life.

Not all spirit experiences or encounters are based on sightings of someone who has passed.  Sometimes people will have experience of asking a loved one who has passed to indicate that they can be with them at a time of need and then something will occur in that of a notable reference to them.  On one occasion a wife was told by her husband that when she next went to visit somewhere that was important and only known to them she would see a something there that would be sent by him.  She was told what to expect and when she did go to that area what she saw there was as was told to her would be.  There have been occasions when people have been talking to someone who has passed, thinking of them and sometimes unexpectedly there will be a smell reminder of them in a scent they always wore being depicted at that moment in an unexplained way.  Objects loved by people have been known to move, do things, disappear and appear in different locations.

Be it in direct visual form, an unexplained and validated experience, there are many different links that have been reported as being evidence of spirit.  It does seem as if the main aim in almost every one of these encounters is in that of spirit love and support for important people.

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