Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 2, 2016

Spirits’ lives.

Spirits’ lives are not all the same and it is about the individual.  In messages spirits talk about issues that were important to them and how in spirit they have learnt something new about those same issues in life.  A lot of spirits have referred to the fact they have a lot to say often about accepting things that have been understood, looking at what life has been about and being able to aid their loved ones in their lives.

Spirits do not have to accept things and many do so when they are ready and able, these same spirits can learn from their lives and will be in a position to accept the difficulties and positive aspects of lives lived.  It is by doing this that individuals will acknowledge what has happened in their lives.  When someone is able to accept what has happened in their life then often they will look at the important people and events which are personal to them.

People sometimes do not know what happens to someone after they pass and by listening to many spirit messages in readings or voice evidence of spirits in trance it does seem as if spirits refer to a need to evaluate their lives after a passing.  There is something to be taken from experience and spirits can learn more about what life was about for them.

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