Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 17, 2016

Loved Ones.

In life people will have different relationship issues, there maybe arguments or difficult moments that later leave people with a sense of regret.

Rarely is any relationship full of happiness all the time and people do ask about the emotional state of loved ones who have passed.  Spirits are able to reflect and think about what has come to pass.  Many messages from spirits have indicated that they are filled with the more positive aspects of what their life was about and this is noted above any negative feeling.  There maybe issues which they would like to put right and often that will be linked to in a message.  Partners in a marriage who have passed may well like to acknowledge each other and in spirit often a sense of peace and happiness is felt, this emotional well being does assist in putting many of life’s difficult moments into perspective.

Spirits are often there to care for loved ones, complex relationships may be seen as difficult in life but when someone passes as they should the link to life is one which often does put love first and relationship issues are viewed with a different level of positive emotion.

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