Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 10, 2016

Spirit Residence.

Spirits have long been something people have linked to a ghostly apparition or something that they fear.  This has sometimes led to misunderstanding but spirits are not unlike any person you may meet, spirits are the energy of people from life.

Fear has led many to believe that you may only see a sighting of a spirit in a residence which would fit with an apparition and as such spirits are often thought to be found in spook suggested locations or in any area thought to be linked with fearful ideas.  Spirits are individuals who have lived and passed on from life, they are with loved ones, they are to be noted where they would like a message to be given and are not anything to have a fear of or to link to any one area.

Spirits as with those we recognise in life, have their own ability to go where they would like, to do as they would do and be in a position to watch over the people they have a care for in life.  It is not often fear that rules anyone in action and for spirits it is often not to bring about fear that determines what they do.

Spirits are the people we know of or see in life, they may have moved on in a physical sense but the meaning of any spirit is often not to cause fear or misunderstanding.

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