Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 20, 2016


Mediums are individuals who receive and pass on messages from spirit to people this side of life.  The messages are often visual or information reminders of someone who has passed and will be about what the person or people who have passed would like to say.

Messages are not always for loved ones or people the spirit knew really well.  Sometimes friends will have a message for someone, grandparents or great grandparents will make an appearance in a reading for someone and provide information which can later be validated by another member of the family or someone who knew them, as the individual for who the message was intended themselves may not have had the opportunity to get to know the spirit all that well in life.

A lot of people are shocked by who approached them in a spirit message or reading, information can be received that alters someone’s life or perspective on important issues.  Some people will ask if it is possible to speak to one specific person who has passed over.  While often this is not so, the medium will refer to spirit or spirits who themselves step forward with information, sometimes a medium may use a personal item or refer to the same person in spirit that is asked for by people this side.

Messages from spirit can be shocking, informative or full of comfort but something that they always should be is a link which can be validated by recipient or people who knew of the person in life.  Often people’s experience of a reading, be it a personal message or in that of a public demonstration can be different in expectation to that of what is seen, heard or sensed.  There is no need to fear or be apprehensive of a message from spirit because be it from someone who you did not expect or from a loved one you knew well, messages are often a link to prove who someone was and how they would like to show that they can support someone in their life.

A spirit message from a medium is often a link to validate a life or lives, links to what made someone who they were and why they send loving thoughts to someone or people this side of life.

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