Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 2, 2015


Spirits can get messages through to loved ones via a medium.  A medium is someone who can channel information, basically they see, hear, sense or sometimes can use all three of these ways to note who spirits are and what they would like to say.

It is important to know that if one does go to see a medium, the person should be someone who is recommended or is someone who can definitively validate a spirit link in a reading.  Many people go to see a medium but do not know what to expect.  It is absolutely vital that a message from a claimed spirit given by a medium be accepted only if there is validated information.

Spirits will try to share links in memories with loved ones and these should be pieces of information which have a lot of life links to someone.  A life link is information which can be referenced and is something that does occur or is accurate for someone in their life.  The memories spirit may refer to could talk about places, names or significant people.  Questions can be asked of spirits but often they will have links as to what they would like to talk about.  Spirits do dictate who can speak with someone.  A great grandmother may be evidenced in a reading, someone who the person has never seen in life but even in these situations the spirit will have a reason for coming through and for why they would like to talk to someone.  The reason for why the spirit has chosen to talk to someone, or to give a message, should have validated information and links.

Not every spirit will be happy to talk through every medium.  It is as in life that certain people do get on with each other because of temper, likes, dislikes and personality.  It is not so that one medium will channel the same spirit as another medium.  Often spirits choose the medium and not the other way.  Spirits who decide to give a message through a medium will have done so because they are at ease with that person.  Spirits who give a message will have a cause to do so, information significant and small will often be talked about and it is important that you are alert as to what is being said.

In a reading emotions on both sides can take over.  Not everything can be recalled at that time, notes should be made about relevant evidence as this may be important later in life.  Information not known at the time could be remembered five minutes, several hours or even longer after a reading.  Make sure that you are happy with any message and can take the majority of evidence as no spirit will attempt to talk about things that have no basis or link to the person they have spoken to and be prepared for who may like to talk to you as sometimes that person is not who you think it is going to be.

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