Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 18, 2015

What do spirit look like?

Spirits are energy.  We all have energy in life and when we pass the same energy transfers with us.  As a spirit does not have that of a physical body, it is not necessary for them to appear with all the attributes to appearance that they had in life.  Physical and other everyday belongings do not have the same place they did in life.  That is not to say that spirits do not have connections to the physical things that they loved or sense a significance to the looks they felt said something about them.

Spirits do not all appear the same.  While yes, it is so that some spirits do appear as the energy they are and do not bother with showing evidence of themselves through a detailed physical appearance, certain individuals in spirit will project an image of themselves wearing a favourite dress or shirt and they will refer to looks in most messages regardless of whether they are only indicated as an energy or not.  Spirits who appear as only energy will sometimes be seen partially, emphasis may be given to information in a message about how they looked in regard to hair colour, clothing and so on.  Spirits will often be able to reference the appearance of loved ones and allude to things loved by them.

Spirits do not have to appear in a certain way.  What a spirit looks like can depend on how they want to be seen or what they want to say.  Memories are important to spirits and this can link with how age is shown by them.  Spirits do not always show themselves at the age they passed.  The age can be referenced by them but in appearance often a spirit will be shown or show themselves at the age they were happiest at in life.  The memories they had in life can be important and this can be a form of evidence shown in hairstyles, looks or dress choice of spirits.

Appearance in spirit is dependant on choice, on preference and what a spirit would like to show to a loved one or to the person they would like to get a message to, as in life spirits can use their appearance as a way to express what they would like to say.

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