Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 21, 2015

How mediums link into spirit.

There are many ways in which mediums will link with a spirit or spirits for the purpose of a reading or demonstration.

Often a medium will have their own preferred method and this will be one of the three abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.  Sometimes a medium will use all three of these abilities.  There are also other ways of approaching the past life of a spirit and this can include holding or touching an object which belonged to them.

Psychometry is the method whereby a medium will ask for an object which was either important for the person who has passed or an object which was regularly used by them.  Logically the explanation for how a medium can access information through this method is based on the more scientific evidence base theory of energy.  Every person has their own imprint or sense of energy in life, as with every particle that has a similar energy it is thought that a person who has regular contact with an object has built up a level of connection to it, residual energy will then be left behind on the same item, and this is what a medium may be able to translate into information.

Mediums do not have to use Psychometry for a reading or demonstration.  It is an interesting method to use for investigation as it can prove to be insightful when asking how a medium can link into spirits.  It can also sometimes indicate information that other approaches may not have revealed.

Mediums may give intriguing and significant messages but these are difficult to approach when one would like to give a sense of how a connection is linked with by medium to spirit.  That is where an experiment or visual approach to how one links with spirit may become more useful.  It may aid in answering with a physical object how a medium does what they are able to do.

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