Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 14, 2015


For spirits, as in life there are people who are stronger in certain areas, people who like the physical sports, individual people who like to work in the academic field, those who take to an artistic pursuit and the individuals who aspire to do many different things.

Spirits as with the people you know of this side of life will have different abilities, aims and interests.  The spirits that may be noted in that of a demonstration for reading purposes may not be the same as in a physical séance setting.  It is important to know that for any spirit energy is required to do anything and spirits who aid with work in a physical séance will have to be able to match a desire to want to work towards physical phenomena with a continued energy for a two hour period of time.  Spirits who are noted in a physical séance will often have an ability to form in materialisation, to provide physical or partial physical appearance, to touch or operate objects in a séance and be noted in some objective activity.

Spirits will often have their own aims as do we in life.  There will be those who have connections to a place or people, and in those instances the same spirits may have a message they would like to get over, there will be some who intend to prove survival of spirit in giving information about what has happened to them after a passing and some who work in a way to aid those people this side of life.

Spirits are very similar to that of the people you know in life.  Many instances will provide interest and happy filled experiences of spirits and their knowledge of what occurs for loved ones.

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