Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 23, 2015

Do you have a belief about what happens to a loved one?

The age old question about life and death is one which has been asked by philosopher, scientist, parent and child.  Life and death are linked, all who have life will one day pass on and all who have a loved one will at sometime ponder on the significance of this question.

Many people will have distinct answers that they have either logically decided or emotionally felt.  Some people will remain undecided for a while or not know whether to approach the idea at all.

As mediums one of the most important parts of what we engage in is experience.  Experiences of passing on a message from a loved one can be interesting for the medium themselves as sometimes they can be astounded by what is said, how it is validated or what happens between loved one and spirit.

When asking the above question I think experience may be the easiest basis on which to rely because it is your own experience that will often shape your views.

As a medium I have seen, been able to note and asked questions about many spirit experiences.  I have looked into, investigated and been intrigued by links, information and messages.  The experienced incidents have not always been easy but they have shown that there is a lot of emotion and love which does connect people who were linked in life.  This emotion should not be overlooked because events can be noted because of it.

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