Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 25, 2013

Crossing conceptions.

In reading a lot of the comments, many people have queries as to how and what is the process of the blogs on the website.

When we have a physical circle on a Tuesday evening it is a direct invitation to spirit to help in providing evidence and basis for finding out about spiritual apparitions.

The information which is given by spirit through direct word, image or physical direction will then be researched and processed to see what or how it relates.

Any and all events, notable occurrence and incident seen or sensed by members of the meet will feature in the article and this put in with historical reference of visiting spirit. 

It is a public account for everyone to read so it opens the circle to all and give the reader a rare sight into what happens behind the setting of a physical spirit demonstration.

Anything which is written will be directed from spirit and recorded as a means for finding out what energies have said, shown and mentioned.

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