Chart of Life: part 8

Author: | Posted on: April 12, 2012

Life had not been easy.  Inspired by something to come to the United Kingdom; the girl had been left somewhat adrift from her Native land.  The girl from the east left to stand the strain of hospital treatment and appointments, with a baby who had only recently been diagnosed, and despite this there was still so much left unknown.

The case which had been cause for medical intervention, had to some extent been helped, and even though there was no full guarantee; it was the faith which carried the girl and her baby on.  It was difficult to contemplate all the things which needed to be thought of, and yet, when that sense of balance came through, it seemed to ease so many strains.

The encounter which had been felt in hospital chapel, it had been a source of help, it had given a sense of equilibrium.  Yet still there was an element of doubt.  Had it been a hint from some higher source?  Had it been something which had provided a level of aid when it was most needed.

This was a step towards the next stage in the girl’s chart; unbeknown to her there was yet another surprise.  It had been a difficult experience, one which had left the girl and baby to leave the hospital, weary and with so long to reach home.  With the baby in arm, a pushchair to lug around and bags with clothes and belongings used at the hospital, the pair made a trecherous journey down towards the train station.  It was laborious, straining and risky but the girl through force of circumstance had been left to get the pair of them on board the train and through the hustle and bustle of the environment.  The two hour journey via train could only begin when the girl had made it through the crowd and safely secured the passage.  Having lumbered bags, and the baby, the girl had stoically yet wearily made it to the station; and yet when she opened her eyes to take in the scene a fresh wave of distress hit…

The series of steps was huge, unwavering in its number and looked like a mountain to descend.  With a buggy, the baby strapped in and the bags in hand the girl thought of how she could get herself down them.  There were people, pleanty of passers by and yet no one who could have time to stop.  Instead jostled and pushed, the pair were left, staring out at the steps which led to the train just about to leave for their journey point.  With sadness, the girl started to embark, to try to bring the pushchair towards the top of the stairs…and that is when the stranger stepped in.

A lady with such a kind face and intriguing features, she was bending forward and offering her hand before the girl could blink.  The lady smiled and asked if she could offer aid, and despite her slight size and slender build she was able to lift the pushchair and baby with no effort at all.  It was shocking.  It was excellent.  It was the help the girl most needed.

With ease, the girl was left to follow as the stranger with such a kind act, carried the pushchair easily yet steadily downstairs.  When the little crowd descended, the stranger knelt down infront of the baby, and with a face which full of empathy said that if the little girl asked then she could receive any help she wanted.  If she believed with her heart, and had conviction then answers would be provided.  It was odd; partly because there was nothing wrong with the little girl that could be seen visibly, overtly the baby was perfect.  Yet only the girl, the mother knew that her baby had a medical condition.  Only the girl and this stranger who seemed to know far more than she ever could.  With a smile, which felt comforting and a stillness which left everyone else as a blur outside, the stranger gave the most loving touch and said with a final word to the baby that as long as she believed then she could have as much help and healing.  The words left tears to form in the girl’s eye, it was due to the sensitivity and genuine sense.

Having left as quick as she had appeared, the girl was left, to hold on to the pushchair and think about the encounter.  It had been refreshing to have help, especially at the time when she needed it most, but more than that it had been curious as to how the stranger had known to say something so poignant when she had felt it so inwardly necessary.  However above all, it seemed that the curiousity, it was shrouded by the comfort which was offered.  The help which saw them safely on to the train and happily headed in the direction of home.  

The girl felt somewhat, like a mystical door had opened.  Once again a kind of support had made itself known. 

When you put your hand on a door and it does not open, go away.  Do not try to open a locked door.  But when “you put your hand on a door and it opens, then go through.  When the time is right, the power of the spirit reveals itself.”  “The ability to plan and organise, when it is done by evolved and enlightened beings in our world, is something far greater than perhaps many of you realise.  When the time is spiritually ripe for all concerned, then everything falls into its place.” Silver Birch.

Do not follow something without reason; but base your knowledge on something sure and secure.

Read more next Thursday.

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