Chart of Life: Part 19.

Author: | Posted on: June 28, 2012

The blessing had made an enormous blast of emotion and rumour.  This explosive emotive sense whipped about the centre and caused so much conversation on the topic of a blessing; a gift which had been given by Sai Baba.  The afternoon whereupon Sai Baba had placed his palm above one girl.  It became an event…a moment which was held as an incident which confounded but above all had sparked the idea that healing had been gifted upon a little person.

It wasn’t so much the act that caused discussion but more that it had occurred in a session when no healing had been planned or anticipated.  The very task which seemed to have been taken up and given a reply by Sai Baba, it had been from a mother and girl who had not been given an interview.  The time when people would be invited in to sit and talk about the help needed or to show the physical problem.  This time had not come up, nor had the mother and small girl been taken in or talked to by Sai Baba.  All that had come to pass had been one simple interaction.  One display of intervention.  Yet this had been the reason for many to dissect that moment.  To talk and analyse…because it was felt in those few seconds an interception had been given which warranted attentions.

It came about that individuals had heard about the healing who had only just arrived and stepped off the plane.  Vast and wide the news had spread to every corner.  People wanted to see the little girl.  To touch where she had been gifted.  Or simply to look and ask about how those few seconds had felt.

It was clear that many were absolute in their conviction that a true miraculous gift had been given.  Although for the little girl her physical limitation had remained the same.  It was hard to see as others did, the mother was not sure if anything had happened.  Yet it had drawn so much to mind that day when Sai Baba had looked so focused on the one spot of the little girl; it was that and only the small feeling which put the experience apart from anything else.

Without any physical cure or any definite signs that the girl was better the family fast approached the day they had to leave.  It was a struggle to know how one felt.  The journies into this far off evocative location…they had warranted much acclaim.  A sense of gratitude filled the family for having had the opportunity to know such a state.

The experience it was valued – there had been fast realisation about perspectives.  There had been harsh lessons learnt and even more was the acceptance that one may feel alone but a bleak dilemma is often one shared and aided by those closest and with their collective it can onset a conclusion and answer.  The day that we wished and had prayed for as a family had not come as thought it would, or even should but it could be believed, if partly, that a gift had been given in another form.

It was still undoubtedly a tough feeling for the mother to overcome.  Her girl, a small but physically challenged little life…she was the gladest and more rich for the trip but was still medically going to demand treatments that would be invasive.  It could not be denied that when they made their way to the airport, the girl felt a little tug at her heart and a sinking knowledge that her real aim had not been met.

The transformation was not made but there was so much left gnawing at the girl’s conscious self.  Because whilst she was aware that her little girl was not cured, there had been a series of timely moments which had helped her to embrace the knowledge that there was more perspective and more aspects to the life they had.  It was certainly in some way due to this that it kept a lighter move to her step.  As the family made the way towards the street that would take them to the plane an unfathomable event was to unfold…

Deeply thoughtful about the upper most stresses, the flight and if everything was where it should be…passport, tickets … it was just as this check was taking place and the girl rushing down the street that a man stepped into their way.  The little girl in her pushchair also smiled at him.  As he did make his way forward it could not be helped but seen that this person was an image of Shirdi Baba.  The man who had been in Sai Baba’s form so many years before.

Everything about him was alike, the Turban and the way his expression sat calmly.  Just as both mother and daughter thought it, the gentleman lifted his hand and from it a Medallion lightly fell and pressed into the little girl’s hand.  Without the words to say, he simply nodded as if to translate that he wished to give this.

It was a token.  A gesture to the little girl.  It had been far known that Sai Baba would give small necklaces or pieces of remembrance.  This seemingly had been intended in this vein, and as the little girl had only that morning been sad and said that she wished she could have been given a bracelet by Sai Baba, it also was apt…it felt heavy as the girl clasped it.

The mother looked in her purse and without any real money of which to speak only had a small Rupie piece.  She gave it to the man who took it, kissed it and placed this on his fore head once before bowing and leaving.

The few seconds it took place left both feeling wonderment.  The girl was just thinking how oddly similar to that of Shirdi Baba he was, when the Medallion was examined and it showed to have two halves, one upon where the image of Sai Baba looked out and on the reverse was no other than Shirdi Ba ba.

The feeling was over and above what could be expressed.  Clutching the little enhancement of what the few weeks had been like, the family made their way to the plane.

It was time to go home.  Yet with illness only just basing itself, the guarantee of a flight was not sure, the intercom announced that the service and information explained that it won’t be able to allow passengers out of the area.  The girl had already had arrangements to meet with a friend back home who was going to pick them up and with so many plans to await them on arrival it was with a heart full of trepidation that she realised they may be forced to leave their accommodation and be stranded without any means to leave.  Once more in dire straits she looked to closing her eyes and asking Sai Baba for assistance.  It was not more than a few minutes after she had talked to Sai Baba that the leader of their tour stated that within an hour a flight was going to be allowed to leave.  The leader of the tour, he sent a word to round up everyone and before they knew it the family was on their way back.

It was on returning that there was to be one other foundation for intrigue in store.  As they arrived and were met by their friend it was an emotional reunion to take stage but more than this the friend who had told of her mother’s illness and stated that if they might put this plea for help out when they were there, now gave the homecoming they were in desire of and said that her mother had been completely rid of her previous medical complaint.

The family were delighted.  There was much to be cherished.  That one vacation had showed that feats not believed plausible could not only be realistic but could make a difference.  So many had told of that story, the one session when a dream had come true and without understanding this had been granted in the most life saving of notions.

It is sometimes when we touch our feet to the ground, assess the world through the eyes of someone else that the shutters fall open and our greatest gifts can be revealed.

There is power in understanding what has been done but it can only be full in its position when the time is right.

Read more next Thursday.

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