Chart of life: Part 12.

Author: | Posted on: May 10, 2012

Excitement, and anxious senses prevailed as the girl attempted to catalogue everything that had mounted up to this point.  Disbeilief was still upper and most prominent in her soul because despite all the accounts and information about Sai Baba, it was still hard to credit and easier to think that it could all be a part of someone’s imagination.  A little spark of reality with a dose of imagination.  Yet still there was a chance; and if that was there the girl felt she had to take it.

Things seemed to happen, and when they did, the girl felt an ease which surrounded the doubts.  Despite the hospital, medical procedure and the strain; there had also been moments of positive wonder. All the incredulous experiences:

– the piece of paper with the answer to her question which simply floated up to her when she needed it most.

– the helpful stranger on that train platform.

– and the giving of a book and conversation at a party which had opened up so much of a horizon.

– Finally and most recently the encounter and astounding help at the Embassy, which had left the girl, to wonder at the awesome display of respect and profound generosity.  The lady who had been significant in her role and being at the office had chosen to take her and ease her through the awaiting queues.  Like a miracle, the silent words, had been heard and the response was undoubted and clear; that lady appearing and helping, yet still the incident was one the girl found hard to believe herself.

All these points which read like items on a remarkable itinerary; they all had been small steps forward on a journey which led to this one moment.  The girl had felt pressed by so many issues, so much thought and anxiety about how to proceed.  A trip to India, it was a tricky prospect which was filled with risk.  Not ready to just commit and expose herself and her daughter to a trip which could hold so many negative turns; it was a decision which held her in its grip.  Her daughter was still small and this would be a trip which would involve her taking her husband and mother.  A family who would be vulnerable.  Especially the grandmother, a lady who in her late years, needed care.

Yet the girl knew, that if they decided to go, to make the journey to see Sai Baba.  This would be a journey which would entail them all going.  It would be difficult.  However it was the one route which would mean contact with Sai Baba; the prospect which made the journey a certain necessity in the girl’s mind.  With this outweighing, the overall concerns seemed to fade away, practical arrangements were made and the girl started to plan the way.

Meetings were held, in order to discuss trips and the subject of Sai Baba.  It was in one such group the girl started to visualise the trip as a reality.  A man, Stock Broker in the city, was in charge of orgainising the trip.  The girl quickly laid out the plans and all too soon ideas were a real occurance.  The girl and her family were told of the information which would be needed, they were also informed, about the lack of definite accomadation.  Sai Baba was centered in a location where many would flock but it was to dormitory style living.  This was distressing; as the girl knew, with a vulnerable child who had disabilities and her mother, who needed special care… not having propper living quaters was going to be hard.  It would be practically impossible.  Feeling this, there was to be yet another display, something was working behind the scenes in order to aid the voyage.  The girl, she had felt doubts and concern over the news, not having a destination in mind with needed accomodation and keeping this all to herself she was astounded when one of the other people in her tour group, a kind doctor, came over to her and quietly said “I would not be too worried about the living arrangements.”  His words held such assurity.  “Things will be fine.”  He continued.  “No body goes without Sai Baba inviting them, be that physically or on some spiritual level, and when he does decide to invite he will look after his guests.”

The words were taken to heart.  The touring group was arranged.  All plans told of, and another disturbing piece of news was set to rock the girl’s confidence, as it was explained Sai Baba had two centres he visited in two places, one was in Whitefield and another in a different part of India.  The girl felt yet sure again that this would be a difficult voyage.  It was one thing to expect and pack her family, who had special requirement, on a holiday half way accross the world but yet do so with no exact arrangements, was something else.  Only taking heart in the circumstances which had brought her so far, and the particular events which seemed to shine to her, she tried to swallow her nerves and plan forward.

India was awaiting them; and a trip of a lifetime was set to unfold.

“When you hold on to your heart’s desire; you make a decision with all your might, that is the moment… a brief second where the situation may come right.”

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