Chart of life: Part 11.

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Sai Baba, the holy person from India.  At first, only a mention of him in a conversation and then a fact to be built from word of mouth and literary accounts.  It was difficult to truly picture him as someone in the flesh, someone to meet face to face.  It was hard to contemplate a person who had been talked of so often and yet had been so instrumental through so many incidents.

Originally, the girl had only thought about this person as a construction which might be able to make a difference to her situation.  It was as she found out more, the in-depth history began to unravel. .. In the early days in India a man had been born who was renowned as Shirdi Baba, someone who had performed many feats and attested to controls beyond that of which most people knew.  He had taught of life and its many angles and brought inspiration to a city which had known poverty.  Having bent down and mixed his own ways into that of a nation which needed assistance, this man had helped so many in such a short space of time.  It was however his untimely passing, which linked him to the birth of Sai Baba.  It was as he was ill, as he foretold of this that he stated a person would be born with his same attribute and to him his legacy would continue.  Through this small baby which would be called Sai Baba…

It was the exact same set of years which had been predicted, which brought about the new boy, it was as foretold and that a small baby boy was born.  He was called Sai Baba.  This is when the next stage in events began…

Sai Baba, it was not particularly what you believed which was important, and that was what appealed to the girl.  For it was not race, creed, religion or faith which dictated belief or what brought you to your own sense of values.  It was on finding out the fact that these elements were meerly what shaped you but not descriminated you or foretold of who you were going to be, it was need or desire which mostly caused people to flock to India.  It was without prejudice that people could find out about the centres and the healing.  The important factor was the peace and solace which it brought.  Finding out, little by little the girl was keen to discover more on a person who had achieved so much for a poor suburb.  A person who had spoke of healing, who had helped and gained the trust of many doctors and surgeons.  It was at first difficult to believe, stratas of wealth or religion made no difference and had only built a idea about Sai Baba, which was combining of this and served to teach that race and religion did not exclude.  In fact, healing and showing ethos of wider importance would and did aid a perspective of comprehension.  Animals were important to Sai Baba, and just as this was intriguing to the girl because she too felt that her own belief set animals and nature alongside truth and peace.  Animals and plants were all looked after and surrounded the centre where Sai Baba would offer healing and healing thought.  It was this which helped to decide for the girl to take this learning to a new level.

The girl, meanwhile, had faced more tribulations.  The baby had been to more doctors and rested through more periods of harrowing post-surgery…each time facing an ordeal with a smile.  Questions and queries about India were prone to phase the girl; she felt that a cure could be round the corner.  It was during this time, and as her baby was discharged from a hospital appointment, she learnt where she could find out further information on Sai Baba.

There was a port which held meetings for Sai Baba.  This was in London.  Serendipity was somewhat in question as unbeknown to her and only as a result, asking about where this was, the girl landed on the doorstep of a building which was only down the road from Great Ormond Street.  The proximity to all the medical intervention, it was astounding.  The girl found that with ease informaion was being given.

Animals loved the surroundings that this holy man created.  The elephant; Guita.  This was a particular importance.  It was this friend, which stood by Sai Baba.  A grey and beautiful creature which felt so linked to Sai Baba that she would shed a tear every time he would have to depart from that area.  It was because of this frienship; and moreover the attention, which her daughter paid to it that made it significant to her.  The little girl liked this element, she avidly depicted the scene of elephant and man in crayon and little was it known to the girl and daughter at the time, but this one picture was to reach the hand of Sai Baba…

A person who intercepted at times of distress.  Many incidents had recalled that Sai Baba’s interception would come when people were in need of help, and some little clue like a person who would come to assist when no help was thought possible, and his items or person who looked a kind of resemblance would be seen.  The girl heard many stories; one which included a man who had to give a talk and at the last moments before his lecture realised that he had left his glasses; he was an Indian Consultant in a foreign country and he had travelled so far and with this thought that with no glasses he would have no opportunity to give his much needed lecture to the mass which were waiting, it was then that as a last resort the man mouthed quietly to Sai Baba oh please would it be possible to help; it was also coincidently that at that second in India that Sai Baba had been seen, he was saying although people around him were not sure why he was saying it but the smile and words came from him that “Oh dear; the things that people need and consider necessary” it was as this was said from him, that the Consultant instants later found his glasses; a kind of legend had been felt that if someone really had to go to see Sai Baba, then provisions would be made and somehow it made a reality.

The girl clasped this thought to her heart.  She of course; felt it necessary.  Her baby needed help.  So, would Sai Baba help?

The thought, a plea; the girl put it over.  It was a while later, with her little girl, she found that she had the chance to make a trip to India.  If only it was such a simple prospect, there were many problems, not only that at the time, India was considered at risk due to Cholera and water infections, advice was given not to visit.  Even despite fears, the actual necessity for visa and paperwork was vast.  It was with this in mind that the girl attempted to visit the Embassy.  A place which as she entered, she lost all positivity, because the line for entrance was vast.  With closing for the day imminant and the fact that the trip to get there had been difficult and not one which she could attempt again, the girl felt that this was not going to happen.  The girl looked down; she quietly spoke with her most inner compassion and made a plea if Sai Baba whom she did not know yet but if he could help then his assistance would be most appreciated.

She was about to turn away, when the most remarkable of things happened.  With a parting somwhat of the line, a lady came down the corridor.  With a smile and a look of concern she walked straight up to the girl and despite the already lined up crowd inquired as to what she wanted.  The girl stated her need for a visa.  It was then the lady said with a smile and a saluting of the Guards, who knowing that she was in charge of the Embassy, allowed her to pass with the girl in tow.

Watching over her, the lady ensured that she was taken to the right place and stipulated that she should be looked after.  The girl was left stunned.  It seemed as if the trip to India was to occur.  Yet with illness, poverty and surprising hurdles to overcome, this was going to be one trip to remember.

“There are many ways of dealing with difficulties.  There is the devastating onslaught.  There is the softer persuasion.  And there is also the more subtle way in which prayer and meditation will ultimately achieve their end.” 

“You will not be deflected from the path that you tread.  You have a great work to do.  You have to bring enlightenment to those who should be enlightened.  You have to remind them of what it is they are truly called to do.”

“Theirs should be the great ministry in which they are the intermediaries of the most sublime power in the Universe.”  Silver Birch; the great spiritual guide to Maurice Barbanell.

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