Blessing, love and light.

Author: | Posted on: February 20, 2013

Many moments in life offer us an opportunity to look beyond what is on the surface and to feel, consider and sense a deeper aspect of what our instincts are telling us about a situation.  If one enters a new house, is buying a more expensive item or even meeting someone for the first time these events and seconds can be made all the more successful if one takes a few moments to ask primary questions.  Does the feeling about the place, person or item feel welcoming, positive and comfortable and posing this query can in itself mean that someone gains insight on their senses.  If the answer is yes, then one can proceed without hesitation however if there is an element of uncertainty even ambiguous concern then there is a small but effective means of bolstering and providing positive protection.

The following practical visualisation is something which can be applied without anyone else becoming consciously aware of it.

Trusting one’s instincts is an important lesson in life because often spiritual contentment is vastly differed to the material needs one might have.  An integral point which can usually be neglected is one’s true happiness and be that through a sense of well being, content quality or serene ambience it is essential that if one feels these elements then one be aware of how significant they are. A good example is when one enters into buying a house and walks in to many forms of building with equally numerous effects and moods, it is difficult to place one’s finger on exactly what triggers a certain feeling and more often than not people put a sink in the mood or ebb of happiness down to the colour or decoration choices but senses are important and instincts do come into the decision making process when considering something as crucial as buying a house.  Instincts are the primary warning signal if you like which are given out when a person is entering a place, environment or meeting an individual who or which could be detremental or pertinent to one’s life.  It might be a niggle, a feeling of doubt that stops you from taking a more involved role in whatever the event might be and it allows the person to tap into a deeper and more instinctual awareness of what is suitable for them.  Many number of feelings can be explained away and it is vital that one not live their lives solely through doubt or hesitation but a level and logical approach to attaining a balance between spirit and practicality can be a very beneficial route to success.  In the first technique it is necessary to focus on the place where you sense there is need of a settling atmosphere and in the case of a house, seeing entirely a picture of the building and surrounding it in a pure white light.  Whilst envisioning of the light one can internally talk to the higher spirit or deity to which you have a tie and feel love and strength flow around the house.  By doing this you are significantly enhancing the safe light and blessing the place which is going to be your haven.  The second practical demonstration is to do with something which is called the bubble of protection and when placing this visual focus in mind it entails a plea for love, support and spiritual help in keeping someone from harm.  The individual should find themselves placing an object or image of a person you wish to be protected in a bubble or sphere of clear white light.  Both of these visual modes of protection work on the basis that the individual first senses there being a need for a mesure to be taken and then through implementing the colour of white which has its own energy and can aid in clensing, protection and love.

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