Automatic writing.

Author: | Posted on: May 29, 2013

There are many ways for spirit to contact those on this level and this might take on the form of sight, sound, sense or all three.

Dreaming can be a good means of spiritual contact due to hours of rest being the most potent times for spirit to be able to convey a sense of themselves.  The body is at its most reposed and spirit will at these times easily either endeavour to bring memories, important moments or even arrange for a reunion to take place during dreams.

More physical means of spirit communication can come in the forms of physical outbursts of spiritual energy where a spiritual entity will endeavour to levitate, move, shake or impinge on an object to bring attention to their presence.

Physical movement of this nature can be easily seen in a physical circle but also will happen when instigated by specific spiritual energies.

There are also ways for an individual to contact spirit but this must always be done in a safe manner. 

The pendulum can be used and is simply a crystal, stone or element of which can then be hung upon a chain.  This will then dangle over two cards with the words yes and no written on them.

As the individual sits in a calm location, with eyes closed they should first picture themselves in a ball of white light of protection.  The following words should come from your heart and be addressed to whichever deity or faith to which you have a belief and you should ask for your following activity to be Blessed in the holy white light of spirit.  Ask to be kept safe and that the spirit should help you in finding a solution to your problem.  Then with the pendulum loosely in your hand you should hold it over your two cards and without any input let it become comfortable.

In a clear and calm voice you should speak out your question.  Let it then be the pull of the chain which will take you to either the yes or no solution.

When you have finished thank the spirit.  This will take some practice and requires a stone which has been kept around you for a while.  The more cherished the better as this crystal or item is the object you are aligning alongside spirit. 

Automatic light trance is when a person uses their breathing to help relax them and bring them closer to spirit.  When this is mastered it can then be a measured step in attempting to write a message or allow spirit to put their own mark on a piece of paper. 

Automatic writing is another way to bring spirit into unity with what you do.  It is a long practiced means of letting spirit assist in aiding someone find a channelled mode by which they can commune with spirit.  It can also allow for speed when a medium does this during a private reading for someone.  Whilst they hold the pen over paper they go into semi trance and let the spiritual energy manipualte the pen and ink.

This communication or channelling allows for the person to see that spirit is an energy surrounding them and can if asked prompt, aid and even physically have a place in our lives. 

To do this one must first look to their breathing technique.  It is important to be in a calm quiet room and close one’s eyes.  First once more one should ask for their work they are about to embark on to be covered in a holy light.  Once they have visualised a light or flame of white spark in front of them they can concentrate on it, seeing only the symbolic flame in their mind’s eye.  Breath in first through the nose and then let it out in a fluid flow of air directed through the mouth.  You should try to let the air fill your lungs and let it fall into a pattern.  After having done this for a few minutes one should ask spirit to positively influence and inspire them.  Hold the writing implement very loosely and contemplate the light in your mind’s eye and clear your mind so that with eyes closed you let the implement flow over the page.  Once you feel you have neared the end of your task you can ease yourself out by looking at yourself or an image of yourself stepping back, a curtain of rich purple tone falling shut and then you can open your eyes.  

Good luck with either your dowsing or automatic channelling and remember it is something that needs a bit of effort to find a method of approaching in the right form for you.  Spirit will be ready to help and with the application from you they can often astound you with the most wonderful of actions.

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