AnimalS in spirit: spirit paws at our side.

Author: | Posted on: August 22, 2012

Often people ask if animals pass to spirit in the same sense as people do.  The answer is yes, animals passing to spirit side accomplish this with the same help and support from spirits.  The love and relief of experience in spirit is one which can be felt.

Animals have their own level; it is a surrounding home particular to pets and loved ones who can rebuild their health in body and spirit.

The pets who come into our lives do so with a multitude of positive influence and memories.  It is with their loyal affectionate embrace and nature that we can learn and live with smiles and times of need their presence brings comfort.  Sadness is something that they endeavour to never see in their loved ones and as such their constant pure fondness of heart-filled emotion is directed to that of their owner and people they know.  At times, they can rescue people from the brink and physically face daunting incident for the ones they know.

Animals and faithful friends of this variety are never ones to leave side or abandon.  It is with their specifics sentiment and intention that they achieve making bonds and ties that do not tear but only bend a little when they commence their journey to their next level and it is there they wait to once again be rejoined with the ones whom they once knew.

It has been proven that the animal kingdom is one which can go to extreme legnths in a crisis and even help in times of despair.  The supportive paws and expressive features which come alongside understanding is a combination which undoubtedly can go the extra mile.

The elderly to the infants all can benefit in some form via animals and it is their loving trust and instinct which does bring about respect, astonishment and friendship.  It is sometimes easy to overlook or forget to consider how much value these beings bestow upon us.  Their sensitivity can sometimes help sickness, fearfulness or depression.  It is not their single one sense which can define how much they bring into lives, but more that their untainted soulful spirits and detection ability towards anything that could bring harm into people’s lives including serious ailments builds a picture of how vital they are.

The pets who we nurture do not leave us when they pass but can come to an enhanced and spiritually established haven.  Spirits do look after our pets on these levels and they themselves can live in spirit with others until they once again see members of their family.  Pets do enrich our lives and so it is their spirits which can also help our compassion.

It is with these angels on Earth giving unconditional passion without any idea of negativity or revenge.  It is with these angelic souls that we can learn and be side to side with beings who only inspire and give unreservedly.

It is with a mind to this topic and that of the passing of such ones to spirit I would share with you here a personal story.

Dogs have long been found to give a profound amount of emotive divination in life.  It was with a Doberman by the name of Bruno and his arrival to one family that soon a lot was to be uncovered about honest bountiful sensitivity, surprising characteristics and a miracle which lay to be discovered.

Bruno, a tiny Doberman pup had been selected and taken in to live with one family who already owned a German Sheppard, a dog to which he was going to be an ally.  Unbeknown to the family he was going to be a comrade, a fellow by his tail and one whom would be the most loving and open Guard dog this England had ever known.  It was fully thought that he would keep in good spirits with the already trained German Shepard. but the extent to which these two would bind themselves was set to stun.

The two dogs were both to live with the family but also to help protect and guard in a day to day shift the properties of their owner.  The very instant that the two met and still small puppies in their size they looked to one another and seemed to make a silent pact they would be firm buddies forever.  Despite the fact that one was a German Shepard and the other supposed to be Doberman, and in breed one who should be out to feel bold and confident, Bruno was in reality the most considerate and sincere.  His feelings he wore on his outside and when confronted with a cat it was with utter disbelief that the families who had gathered that afternoon watched him lick and make a fuss of the feline.  His first pull was to the giving side he had.

Following his other den member, he would act as one would expect in terms of the pet he was when taken out and asked to do something.  He would stick to his owner and other Shepard colleague but it was only at specific seconds when it would seem his shield would drop and a part of him would show that would leave someone comfounded.  It was one day when the trio of owner and his two dogs were visiting someone that it could be seen everytime food was given to them Bruno would stand back and first allow the shadow he took with him of German Shepard to eat first.  It was almost as a second thought that if the food was rejected or left over from his pals eating that he would come in and eat.  The two were neither of them at all dominant and so it could not be explained.  His behaviour was an act of kindness it seemed and the inexplicable activity did not stop there.  Not was there a time that could be spoken of that did not see Bruno sitting and looking at the world with intrigue and a thought to trying to work things out.  His tail and only the shortest stump which he had since birth was one which he wagged at every opportunity.  The attentive make overs he gave could also be noted as diverse because it was with two legs he tried to stand and with his face close up to a person he would attempt to do their hair.  This trip to his hair dressers would often last a few minutes and result in a very odd hair shape but it did not matter as Bruno would cast his eyes over his client and with a view to working with the tools he had he would try once more.  His snout back into expert separation of hair.

The two four legged counter parts would work in unison.  When patrol called they would walk paw by paw and never a fraction of a second could divide them.  When chasing a ball it was with the same diving motion that each tried to make the grade and it came without question that both would sleep with fur by the other’s fur and rise with each other in the mornings.  

If one feared some noise or being alone it was through some unseen tie that they would race to be with the other.  More times than could be written saw the pair seated together another look on both their face s and it was an unspoken emotion which meant that even in two different environments if one was hurt the other knew.  They grew so inseparable that over time it was not possible to keep them apart and with the door almost barrelled down they would reach one another.

He was an exceptional guard dog.  He was an inseparable part of so many lives.   But it was the mixture of care and protection that he balanced.  Bruno lived to show that you could be brave and be seen to offer felt emotion to other species.

Numerable events came to pass and as an intrepid integral part of lives he kept his position beside his faithful partner.  His shadow, his patrol partner and his kindred spirit.  It was until the pain became too much that he started to show the signs.  The vet diagnosed Cancer and time refused to move.

anyone with a pet will know that when they need treatment it can be the most horrendous time.  It was with this thought that the spirit were asked to help and healing was offered by them.  Everyone knew that the state was serious and with such a prognosis the faithful shadow which kept pace with every one would not have much life this side lieft. 

It was as healing was offered that spirit in circle came through and without pausing gave the name of the one in need directly, not only this but also his particulars and cause for distress.  This done the spirit preformed an interaction of such feeling that everyone in the room felt a coolness overtake them.  It was as the patient was seen by spirit, put in the middle of the circle and eevry member drawn in through the emotive and physical phenomen a which was happening that healing was given and one shadow who was held in such regard was able to outlive his vet’s thoughts that he would not last beyond Christmas.  He lived well into the latter half of the next year and now in spirit is a part of life.

It was just before his passing that in circle one spirit aproached and told of the imminent stage of his life and that despite his leaving this Earth he would still be a vital and vivacious spirit.  Not a few weeks later he appeared himself, clear to everyone in circle and as in life his spirit lifted everyone there.              

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