spirit words, phrases and terminology.

The Northdown trance and physical circle will commence again after the Christmas break and accounts can be found here of what takes place shortly after.  As the sitting is on holiday I wanted to take the time to talk a little about the words which are often used in the relating blogs for the sittings.  Often spiritual activities centre on certain phenomena and these can be named or mentioned in list formation or simply noted in the timeline of which they occur but each one of these is astounding in its own right and warrant more information as to what they are and consist of and how they play their own important role in spiritual proceedings.

The first word I would like to refer to is Orbs.  Orbs are mentioned regularly here in blogs and mean a light form, cluster of light activity or odd but particular coloured lights which appear in the trance circle.  The lights are explained by mediums, investigators and spiritualist theories as the first manifestation of a spirit presence.  It can be that the spirit person is resembling or exhibiting just energy and therefore produces a shining light or round ball of colour as basic visual evidence of their participation.

In circle not only have orbs been visible at moments but also in certain proceedings there has been two definite blue lights which not only floated above the middle table placed in the room but also joined and touched one another. 

The lights are good demonstative means from which to establish if energies are present within the room.  The coming together of the two individual orbs more poignantly was seen just as two relatives were being given information of by one medium clairvoyantly in a sitting and could as was seen show that the two spirits who were being talked of were together and happy.

 Seance or circles are taken from the French word to sit or to watch what is happening.  The word seance or to “sit” is relevant as individuals who attend such meetings must all take their seats in a circle.

  Direct voice is actual spirit voice and words which come from the entity themselves.  In trance state spirit are able to talk through the medium.  I.e the chosen medium’s voice box is utilised by spirit.  Direct speech from a spirit is when phrasing, talking and noises are heard from the spirit with no such use of any other person or medium. 

Table tipping is through the implement of the table in the room which can be shaken, tilted or felt to move by the gathered sitters.  At the beginning of a circle, the items are put and positioned.  The table is an essential tool as spirit can often manipulate it so that the heavy wooden frame shakes from side to side or on occasion as witnessed by the whole assembly the whole object can be lifted by spirit off the floor and made to levitate. 

Trumpets are also like the table a good visible example of spiritual activities.  The long metal cone shapes are usually used to help aid spirits in direct voice as they can be good ampliphiers but they can also due to their consistency be easily moved and spirit seem to prefer not to use them for sound but to instead shake or vibrate them.   

Crystal ball is of course one of the most well banded terms and has implications thanks to film and screen of its prophetic or visionary uses.  Whilst it is a ball that can and does show moments of information pertaining to future events, its main aim in a trance meeting is not soley for this purpose but instead can be implemented by spirit as a mode to transfer facial images, physical appearance of spirit and sometimes reflects colours which could not be seen in the designated area otherwise.  It has on prior moments become dark just seconds quicker than spirit make the actual sitting darker and shadows or forms of spirit can be seen. 

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience are all regular vocabulary to infer to the abilities of seeing spirit, sensing spirit or hearing spirit.  During the senses one medium can pick out the attributes of the spiritual energy and give messages which relate to them.

Apports are physical items which can be brought or made to disappear by spirit.  Apports or apportation are more commonly associated with trance circles.  The items can be small or large but it is shown where spirit want to exhibit their ability to produce elements of the material.  In circle scraps of paper with writing on, stones first talked of by spirit have then been thrown out of the air and landed on the carpet and glasses of water have been taken by spiritual energies.  Historically circles held by Helen Duncan and other well known accounted sittings have all been witness to this kind of spirit production.

The above information is about well known or more commonly alluded to incidents which have been written of in blogs.  These spiritual classification points highlight and go further to clarify what they mean and how they may come into spiritual circles.  These are some of the most widely used categories in spirit sittings.