Spirit within (one man and spirit sense).

The immense potential and help of spirit can be seen and found through many means.  It is often natural that when an individual does display spiritual gifts, despite the circumstances, historical period or cultures myth can blend with truth and the amount of heightened exaggeration can cause the original spiritual act to be forgotten or forgone in preference for the disproportionate accounts.  The event which spirit can help, support and shape is the one where attention should focus as it is this original activity that holds spirit’s intention and it is by means through this that the most information can be learned.  

Rasputin (Grigori) 22nd January 1869 – 29/30th December 1916.  He was classified as a saintly mystic or prophet.   He was an Orthodox christian and is claimed to have influenced the latter days of the Russian royal family; the Russian emperor Nicholas the second, his wife Alexandra and their son Alexei. 

Visionary and healer, controversy followed this one man due to the events in historical time-lines which centered around him.  The man has been at the heart of speculation and intrigue.  With a knowledge of medical information far advanced to that which was available at the time, he stepped in and put himself at the forefront of aiding an ailing child, thus rumours struck far and accumulated regarding his ability and how or what was going on.

Queen Victoria was in actual terms the great grand mother of little Alexei and the Royal connections ran strongly.  As is with any news regarding Royalty, questions and implications were heavy, hung around almost each individual in response to the desire to know what was taking hold behind closed facades and the railings outside the palace only rose like columns to climb in the chase for answers.   

1904 – it was in this era that attention came to the infant Alexei, who had a little known problem at the time, suffering with haemophilia he showed distressing and marked deterioration in his health.  The blood which he lost every time he took a knock or cut to a part of his body was severely concerning and the whole family consulted numerous doctors and imminent physician’s to find out how best to asses him.  It came to pass that as his health was so effected they required the assistance of someone who could assist them immediately.  It was as one man was walking on a pilgrimage in Siberia that fate was sealed and a destiny started to unfold…

The tsarina, Alexei’s mother who was pained by her boy’s illness ultimately turned to Anna Vyrubova her friend and spoke about her charismatic peasant healer who was the very same to have been on many pilgrimage and was the same who had been in Siberia and heard of the plight of the family.  It was proposed that this man, this healing individual who had helped so many a moment to ease ill-health, if this gentleman could come and view the little one who had become so gravely sick.  This plea was taken by the friend directly to him and within days the first meeting of Rasputin and the little one made history.

1905 – The first treatment started and as a result the word was spread, he was said to posses the abilities of vision (spiritual prophecy) and that as a consequence his assistance had helped to improve the little Alexei’s health. 

Undoubtedly the blended tales started to unfurl and each new testimonial speech conveyed more fictional basis than facts but it was difficult to argue against the physical recovery of the little one.  With aid and spiritual linking the man who had come to offer himself with spirit power soon defied the doctor’s proclamations.

December as a month, was to be, the final spectacular incident whereby conviction led spirit to demonstrate their potential in the method of a dream and sense which conveyed a message through this one man’s consciousness.  It was foretold by him the number of plots and assassination attested by him which were to become uncovered, he also was exact in the date when his passing would come through.  To the date, he was precise in just when he was to leave the Earth, as events took on the sad and legendary end to life.  It was his spiritual stance and reverent approach which enforced him to take on a dangerous standing and thereby caused his leaving from this side of life.  Political aspects and faith came into mould a risky concoction which drew the two topics out into the open and angered many well-reputed figures, despite the awareness of what was to bring his demise his notable spiritual help came and perplexed at a time when his interjection prolonged a life.   

His own home town was Pokrovskoye and he had a wife Praskovia Fedorovna Dubrovina and he had four children.  His own home being witness to the path of both negative and positive mean which called him on to fame and sensualisation.  The man, who had spoke of spirit within, who had portrayed many feats that medical knowledge thought impossible, sadly did this at a junction when War was riffling through the population and desertion from the common beliefs meant that you were seen as different, frightening in your view point and thereby a jeopardy to the side. 

As a medium, a spiritualist and a man who had spirit sense, he was a phenomenon for the world.  It was not so much his action, though it in practice healed a life and mended a fraction in a family..it was more the fact that his sensory abilities encompassed many spirit based interactions and helped to provide validation and evaluation of it to the nation..understanding why certain people are put to preform and live their lives in such an indefinable perspective can be difficult but perhaps what is more important is to look at the spiritual side of a tale which was both remarkable and proved that restoration can be given no matter what or how bleak the surroundings.