Spirit and energy trance circle.

It is with such proud and happy acknowledgments that I write the blog surrounding last night’s Northdown trance and physical circle.  It was last night, 8th November 2012, that interaction between ourselves and spirit showed a special connection and a bond which is full of trust and emotion, one which is truly to be cherished and noted here for all to see.   

The circle sat yesterday evening, the red light was switched on and with all items used for physical activity by spirit noted and the beginning words stated, the sitters prepared themselves for the start of what was to be a most poignant and astounding spiritual happening.  The sitting commenced with trance, members all lowered down into a state of meditation but already the energies had entered the room, blue lights had begun to show all around the sitters.  It was not long before the darkened room grew white due to a cloud type substance which filtered through amidst the members.  The cool atmosphere which came up to the mid way of the legs, it started to disipate and in its place a suffocating heat settled over.

It was a struggle to breathe for a few minutes, the air for no reason was so thin and it was at that time that knocking came into the awareness of all who sat.  The sound of a cracking came along the walls.  Members started to pick up on this, just as it was mentioned the red light switched itself to a lower setting, sitters looked to this physical happening and next one of the sitter’s chairs also jumped backwards.  With the physical actions at a peak, spirit were asked if they would like to talk to the circle, the awaited members all listened as the first entity did step forward and with the use of one of the sitter’s vocal cords and with that same person in deep trance, words flew from him about spiritual presence and their desire to aid in what was taking place that evening.  The forms or shapes, white body outlines of light walked in the circle, people were moving quickly and could be seen from the corner of the room, faces kept coming into focus and amongst the outlines was one clear with the features of Peter Sellers.  Peter Sellers, CBE (born Richard Henry Sellers; 8 September 1925 – 24 July 1980), was a British film actor, singer, comedian.  He worked on the bbc.  Television and films were where his passions laid.  It was though another link which was going to be the reason for why he came so boldly into the circle, it was unbeknown at the time but it was the cause of his passing from the Earth that was to be the unmistakable tie between himself and another spiritual man who was to be seen later that evening.  Peter Sellers himself had a heart attack and it was Michael Sellers, his son who also passed 26 years to the day after with the same heart attack. condition. 

The circle avidly felt symptoms, chest pain and then were aware of the smell of smoke.  It was so strong.  In spirit circles when spirit help to show smells related to their lives it is known as Clairsentience.  The word Tenerife came into view.  The brain was showed.  Illness or a severe symptom which could relate to this came from spirit.  The man who spirit were referring to was also someone who appeared on television, lived in Tenerife and appeared to be suffering with chest ailments or heart attack in his early life.  It was not known at that precise moment but only this morning it was announced that Bill Tarmey, an actor who starred in Coronation Street and who had a heart condition, had suffered a heart attack similarly to Peter Sellers,was a person who just as this other man of screen was one who was used to being on television, he was a big smoker and after having trouble with his heart had passed this morning in Tenerife.  

Spirit came through with information about this man only the evening before.  Spirit had said remember the signs, the smoking, the heart pain and the name of Tenerife.  Even as it had not yet happened right at that passing in circle it was an event which was to be known about only the morning afterwards.  This showed spirits’ awareness of a monumental occasion which was to occur in the film world.  Not only that but they showed evidence that this good man was going to soon leave this world, his actual reason and cause for physically moving from this level was a brain tumor and this is the exact same medical complaint of the entity with the name of Seve Ballesteros, who accompanied the information from spirit.  In life, Bill Tarmey’s final footage on TV has been shown to include ghostly scenes in his last filming on set of Coronation Street on ITV1 on television.  It is extra ordinary that spirit wanted to evoke his first signs from spirit at such an early stage and to portray his spirit after he left television with a particularly fitting spiritual departure.  The spirit also gave a mention to war, in particular to a sense of peace they wanted to reference.  The face of a spirit showed, the name Anthony Eden Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon, KG, MC, PC (12 June 1897 – 14 January 1977) came into circle.  Sir Anthony Eden was a British Conservative politician, he was Prime Minister from 1955 to 1957.   He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  He was also Foreign Secretary for three periods between 1935 and 1955, including during World War II. He is best known for his outspoken opposition to appeasement in the 1930s, his diplomatic leadership in the 1940s and 1950s, and his link to circle was to be seen in the most incredible of forms.

Sir Anthony Eden had his own part to evidence in circle.  It was his role as peacemaker that he wanted to talk of.  Sir Winston Churchill was shown by him.  After researching it can be noted that in fact Sir Anthony Eden married his second wife, Clarissa who was also the niece of Sir Winston Churchill.  Aside from this the two were close in work and life.  In spirit they also appeared so, Eden’s worldwide reputation was as, a “Man of Peace”, and a skilled diplomat, he came into circle alongside Egyptian symbols of Egyptian hieroglyphs which were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements, these symbols it is believed were there to accompany the part that Sir Eden had in the Suez Crisis, which was a major element linked to Egypt and with his career in British Foreign politics. 

Above one of the sitters spirit showed German war emblems, and once again this can be heavily combined with the spirit of Sir Anthony Eden who was prominent in decisive action during WWII and in an early meeting 1930s saw himself and Adolf Hitler talking about their mutual combat in Ypres even though it was on different sides. Sir Anthony Eden could speak Arabic and Persian which are both elements that link with two of the sitters in circle.  Also his coming into circle and spirit showing in November is somewhat a charged issue as it was at this time in history that his first attempt at election was noted in 1922.  His passion for art and language also commonly factor in as important and tie in with two of the sitters.  His spirit indicated Neville Chamberlain and although it was not signified at the time it later was apparent that a lot of his work and life came into contact with one Neville Chamberlain who was also an integral member of British politics and Sir Anthony Eden’s spirit came to circle yesterday to highlight his role as Knight of the Garter, a person who attempted to earn peace at a time of war which is similar to the period we are in now and to vividly convey his alertness of the part he had in this world’s political scene.  

Semi Ballesteros  Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros Sota (9 April 1957 – 7 May 2011) was a Spanish professional golfer, he was World No. 1 and was one of the sport’s leading figures from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. He was a member of a gifted golfing family, he won more than 90 international tournaments including five major championships. His spirit came through, the circle felt his symptoms, one sitter instantly felt pain in his head.  The names of his first name and surname was brought into circle by several of the members.  All who were aware of him started to talk of him, his spirit wanted the date to be noted.  It was agreed that this date when the circle sat and his spirit was seen would be researched and if there was any result it would be written.  The spirit had such passion, intention and aim for indicating the date.  Therefore it was put into the search along with the name of seve Ballesteros which had come from three mediums who had no real knowledge of the sporting link.  At first no match could be realised, no passing or birth date came into overt overlap.  Then a feeling came to check the son’s name against the date.  Check Seve Ballesteros’s son’s name against 8 November.  It came up instantly.  It was only a few hours ago on the 8th that as I write this Seve Ballestero’s son took up a match on the same golfing ground as his father had years ago.  It was inspiring and astounding to know that his spirit came through to show his pride for his boy.

What follows is an extra piece from the Telegraph which was published today.

Seve Ballesteros’ son Javier to compete on same course as where father made pro debut in 1974.

Seve Ballesteros’s son 21 year old Javier will compete on the Spanish Peugot Tour on the same Cougat course in Barcelona where his late father played his first professional tournament in 1974.      

Seve Ballesteros himself he won The Open Championship three times, and the Masters Tournament twice. He gained acclaims and attention in the golfing world in 1976, when at the age of 19 he finished second at The Open. He played a leading role in the re-emergence of European golf, helping the European Ryder Cup team to five wins both as a player and captain. He was known for his imaginative style.

The tournament starts on Thursday.  Which was only a few hours ago.

A law student in Madrid, Ballesteros has a handicap of 0.4 and has still to make a decision on whether to turn professional.

Javier said “I have to finish university – it is something my parents have always told me to do, specially my father,” he said.

“I have no pressure for being Seve’s son at all. I have nothing to demonstrate anybody, just me.”

It is remarkable that spirit chose to show their connection to lives in this effective display.  Ballesteros came through via spirit but to claim the date for his son.  He showed love and established support for his child.  It was a sense beyond words in that circle and discovering his intentions made his spiritual presence there in circle all the more special.

Thanks should be made clear to the entities because they went to the extreme in factually making their identities known.  It is not hard to see they brought several themes out.  One being Spain which was where the connective link is for Seve Ballesteros and in Tenerife which was the home for Bill Tarmey when he passed with exactly the same ailment of a Brain tumor.  It might be the same ill health which connected the two spirits and why they came forward to speak about it in the sitting but I feel it could also be through the same love for the country of Spain.  All the energies who came through in the sitting were involved in passionate concerns, helped many people be it through entertainment, politics or through film.  It was a sensation beyond words to sit in that circle and I say thank you to the spirits who made it possible.    

As you will see not only are the faces of both Seve and Javier Ballesteros closely in resembled features but their spirits are closely enfolded.   

Above images are Right Honourable Sir Anthony Eden, Peter Sellers, Seve Ballesteros and his boy Javier Ballesteros and Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Pictures taken from online encyclopedia.

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